Cité Miroir

Lieu d’exception au service de la citoyenneté,
de la mémoire et du dialogue des cultures


The aim of the Cité Miroir Foundation is

  • to defend and promote the principles set out in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union to combat injustice, discrimination, intolerance and violation of the fundamental principle of equality between human beings;
  • to participate in the construction of a democratic, fair and cohesive society by using cultural dialogue, memory transmission, culture in the broadest sense and education at all ages as levers of collective and individual emancipation;
  • to protect a listed heritage building, the former Thermal Baths of La Sauvenière.

As an institution, association or company, you can take your place at La Cité Miroir by acquiring one or more seats for a period of 5 years.

In return, we offer you:

Reputation and communication

  • Visibility for your institution on our communication media and at La Cité Miroir
  • The option to organise internal or external communication campaigns on special terms

Public relations and reception or meeting spaces

  • Access to La Cité Miroir’s spaces under preferential terms for organising your events
  • Free admission for your customers and/or personnel
  • Possibility of organising one free private tour and one reception (excluding catering) at this prestigious venue

New network

  • Invitations to activities organised by partners, including previews and the annual Friends, Ambassadors and Partners event

Cité Miroir Foundation | +32 (0)4 230 70 53

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