Cité Miroir

Lieu d’exception au service de la citoyenneté,
de la mémoire et du dialogue des cultures


La Cité Miroir

A place for debate, education and culture

Right in the centre of Liège, in January 2014, the former Thermal Baths of La Sauvenière became La Cité Miroir, a cultural and citizen space.

Theatre, music, conferences, debates, workshops, permanent and temporary exhibitions... the diversity and wealth of activities make this a venue for unique expression dedicated to citizenship, memory and cultural dialogue.

The spirit of the former Thermal Baths was retained during the renovation, which imbues a unique atmosphere on this 13,000 m² building which is symbolic of Liège.

Three non-profit associations share the space at La Cité Miroir: Les Territoires de la Mémoire, the Centre d’Action Laïque de la Province de Liège and MNEMA, which manages the venue.

Many external operators also use the venue for their events, all related to the values that are defended by La Cité Miroir.

In a rapidly evolving city, La Cité Miroir is helping to shape the new identity of Liège by increasing ties with other cultural and association operators, protecting a listed heritage building, regenerating the Neujean district and meeting the expectations of an enlightened and demanding public.

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