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Du 17 octobre 2020 au 14 Février 2021
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The exhibition is extended until February 14, 2021



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How do you do “a head” ?

How do you represent a body, a silhouette ?

That was what kept Giacometti occupied throughout thirty years of creativity. Placing Man at the focus of his research, he worked untiringly on the human figure, notably on the motifs of the feminine figure, the head and the bust. Uncompromisingly demanding, he would unceasingly take up and obsessively rework these themes, most often using the same models, chiefly his wife Annette and brother Diego.

"Alberto Giacometti - L'Humanité absolue" is one of the first wide-ranging monographic exhibitions of the artist in Belgium. In a scenography that harmonises with the unique architecture of La Cité Miroir, the installation comprises 35 bronze masterpieces from the Giacometti Foundation and some outstanding lithographs originating from Giacometti’s legendary work Paris sans fin.

Spanning about thirty years, the selection of works offers a reading of the artist’s post-war output, repositioning it in a historical context characterised by the existentialist philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre. Giacometti met him in 1941 and visited him regularly after the war: an encounter between two men absolutely committed to freedom.



An exhibition co-organized by the Giacometti Foundation and the MNEMA-La Cité Miroir non-profit organization

Curator: Emilie Bouvard, Scientific and Collections Director, Giacometti Foundation, Paris



With the support of 




Full price: 10 €

Reduced price: 8 €

School rate: 5 €

- 6 years old: Free

Art. 27


Audioguide FR / NL / DE +2 €



Combine your visits and gain access to reduced price for Warhol - The American Dream Factory and Alberto Giacometti - L'Humanité absolue at La Cité Miroir !

The combined ticket is valid for the duration of the both exhibitions. It gives only one access to each exhibition. The two visits can be done on the same day or on different days.

The combined ticket is on sale at La Boverie, La Cité Miroir and the Liège Tourist Office.

24 € | 17 € (under 26 years old


Wallonia Pass accepted


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