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Temporary exhibitions

Oliviero Toscani : RAZZA UMANA

from 11 January 2018 to 01 April 2018
Monday to Friday 9am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10 am-6pm
Lieu : 
Espace Georges Truffaut

Oliviero Toscani: RAZZA UMANA in Liège. An endless portrait gallery, with subjects staring straight into the lens. Get an exclusive peek at the faces of 500 participants from in and around Liège, taken at the Cité Miroir in May 2017, alongside portraits from around the world snapped by the photographer.

Oliviero Toscani came to prominence in the 1990s through his photography work for clothing firm Benetton. His images were shocking, controversial and intriguing. They made a lasting impression on everyone who saw them. RAZZA UMANA is the latest project by Toscani and his team, as they travel around the world to snap pictures of faces. The resulting photographs and videos – spanning art, culture and anthropology – are now the subject of publications and travelling exhibitions.

Oliviero Toscani has photographed thousands of people around the world in an effort to capture the face of humanity.
RAZZA UMANA celebrates what makes us unique. It is a testament to diversity in a world where, all too often, we fear difference. “Future is humanity,” says Toscani. “We’re all different, but we belong to one race – the razza umana.” The exhibition brings into sharp focus our unique features and traits and helps us understand what makes us different.
Toscani and his team travel to different cities, towns and villages, setting up a photography studio in each location. Having already stopped off in Thailand, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, Namibia and the photographer’s home country, Italy, the team paid a visit to the Cité Miroir in Liège. You can learn more about the project at


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